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  • DC2
  • 40 Hours Video

Roadhawk DC-2 Fleet Kit (128GB)

$603.90 $548.90 Ex GST: $499.00

Professional, Lockable, Forward Facing HD Dash Cam for Commercial Fleets

  • Full HD 1080p Video Quality
  • Excellent Day/Night performance
  • Integrated GPS and Accelerometer
  • Secure Event Video recording (not overwritten)
  • Automatic Video Loop Recording
  • 128GB High capacity SD Cards, 40 Hours Loop Video
  • Lockable/Tamperproof
  • 12-32V Hardwire Kit
  • 2 Year Warranty
Top UK Brand – 5 Star Reviews

Take control of your fleet with this highly reliable commercial grade dashcam. Proven choice for mining and transport fleets across Australia.

  • Excellent Quality Video Day and Night
  • High Reliability with 2 Year Warranty. 
  • Driver Proof. No driver access to cables or setup settings
  • Very easy to install and swap out
  • Takes Full Size SD Cards
  • MP4 Video Playback with Roadhawk Desktop software or VLC Player
  • Settings and upgrades applied automatically by inserting SD Card.
  • Full HD 1080p 30fps
  • Integrated GPS and Accelerometer
  • WDR Low Light Sensor
  • Electronic Image Stabilisation
  • Integrated Microphone (software controlled on/off/volume)
  • Locking Box
  • Hardwire Kit
  • 128GB Class10 SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card
  • Suction Mount
  • Driver Remote Event Button

Designed for Fleet Operators, this kit comprises everything you need for a commercial vehicle installation
1) DC-2
The RoadHawk DC-2 forward facing camera is a lower cost plug-in replacement for the Roadhawk HD.  The camera offers up to 1080p resolution (scalable to 720p or 480p for longer record times), low light sensor, GPS receiver, G-force sensor, SDXC memory compatibility and image stabilisation, this camera offers very similar performance to the more expensive RoadHawk HD (now discontinued).

The camera works on a loop recording system, overwriting the oldest files as it records.  If it detects an impact, the camera creates an ‘event’ file.  Event files are not overwritten unless they exceed 40% of the capacity of the memory card, at which point the oldest file will be overwritten first.

2) Hardwire Kit
The hard wiring kit for the RoadHawk DC-2 in car camera system has a total of 5m of cable with an inline fuse. There is a filter box inline which reduces interference to and from the camera. Inside the filter box are components which will cut the power to the camera should the vehicle’s voltage drop reducing the risk of flattening the battery. You can connect this kit up to a permanent 12v to 32v supply (direct to the battery) or to a circuit on the ignition so the camera only powers up when the engine is running.

3) Locking Box
Prevents any user from removing the SD card or the power cable from the camera without using the supplied (universal) key.

4) 128GB SD Card 
A high capacity Class 10 SD Card with enough room for 18 to 38 hours Video footage on a loop, plus secure storage for 375 to 750 Event Files depending on camera resolution settings


Product NameRoadHawk DC-2 HD GPS Dash Cam
Date & Time StampYes
Memory Card Included128GB SD Card
Maximum Memory Compatibility128GB
Resolution1080p (30fps) / 720p (30fps) / 480p (30fps)
Vehicle SuitabilityCar/LV/Van/Prime Mover/
Insurance ApprovedYes
TFL ApprovedYes
Software CompatibilityPC or MAC
Electronic Image StabilisationYes
Eligible for EvidenceYes
Eligible for EvidenceYes
Integrated GPSYes
G-Force SensorYes
File FormatMP4
MicrophoneBuilt in
Included MountsWindscreen adhesive mount & vertical windscreen adhesive mount
Loop/Continuous RecordingYes
Low Light SensorYes
External GPS AntennaOptional
Power Cable (12v Aux) Optional
Remote Event ButtonOptional

Options include:

  • 128GB or 256GB SD Card
  • Exernal GPS antenna
  • Windscreen suction mount.
  • 12v Aux Power Cable
  • Remote Event/Alarm Button
    The remote alarm dual cable plugs in to the back of the RoadHawk DC-2 camera. This cable has a remote push button for manually triggering EVENT files.
    It also has an alarm output which can be connected to a GPS tracking device, which can then notify your office in real time if your vehicle is involved in an Event.

HD Ready 1080p GPS Technology Low Light Sensor Electronic Image StabilisationAccelerometer



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