Time Management

TomTom makes every second pay.

  • Hassle free for your workforce
  • Safety behind the wheel
  • Transparency for all

Want to take control of your mobile workforce in the field? 

Time Management

Organise your drivers in the field by using WORKsmart™ fleet management to track the driving time and working hours of both individuals and groups.

Working Time

Control costs, manage overtime and keep track of your employees’ working patterns with WORKsmart fleet management. It gives you an accurate, real-time log of people’s working hours and you can use this information in a number of ways. Reduce time spent on administration by integrating the data with payroll and billing. Use it to show customers how much time was spent on a job. And the record of working hours will prove that you are compliant with employee legislation.

Driving Time

WORKsmart fleet management makes it simple for you to monitor how your vehicles are being used. With the push of a button drivers can register their mileage – that’s personal, commuting and business. This data lets you keep track of how many hours each driver has worked and monitor job patterns to find ways to keep costs down. Plus, by integrating it with invoicing systems you can create transparent bills.


Forget manual timesheets. With a WORKsmart-Time fleet management solution drivers can easily record their own working hours. The TomTom PRO device enables drivers to register their working time with a single tap on the screen. With the TomTom LINK it’s even simpler as drivers don’t have to do a single thing to log their mileage and time spent on the road – the device continuously sends data to TomTom WEBFLEET®. If you have staff travelling to work on-site, they can use Remote LINK Working Time to record this time easily.