Partner Solutions

Our aim is to provide the very best one-stop solutions to our business customers. This has led us to develop Partnerships with world-class partners to deliver specialist business solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses with mobile workers. These solutions all integrate well with our core products.


Many trucking companies own many more trailers than they do Prime Movers and use Contract Hauliers to move these trailers. In doing so they can lose operational visibility of the movement of their trailers and freight. Trailer Planning uses GPS tracking data from the trailers and blends this with operational manifest data to provide a digital whiteboard view of the movement of trailer combinations against set routes. This allows the fleet manager to see at a glance how well the operation plan is unfolding as well as in yard loading/unloading updates.
A linked mobile app provides the inbound yard operation staff with a live view of the trailers in and approaching the yard, quick access to their manifest data and the ability to update the load status. Ensuring that all trailers are unloaded quickly and none are forgotten on shift changeover
Ideal For:
Transport companies with hundreds of Trailers and/or using Contract Hauliers to move their trailers

MaxOptra Fleet Optimisation

Optimising the allocation and sequencing of drivers and vehicles to jobs can be a difficult challenge for some fleets. Maxoptra is a cloud-based tool that sits between the manifest/booking service and the job dispatch agent to optimise these allocations in real time.

There are two versions:

MaxOptra Distribution enables distribution looks at the work coming in and the resources available and dynamically allocates the pick ups and deliveries to the most suitable vehicle, saving running costs and improving on time performance over manual allocations
Ideal For:
Couriers, Local Food Distribution companies, Patient Transport Fleets
MaxOptra Field Service enables field service companies to efficiently allocate service jobs to the mobile workers with the right skills, tools and proximity, saving running costs and improving on time performance over manual allocations.
Ideal For:
Field Service Companies, Surveyors, Insurance Claim Assessors. Both versions integrate seamlessly with the TomTom Webfleet system and come with an optional, customisable Android Mobile App for the mobile worker to collect PODs complete mobile forms and scan barcodes.

George – Transport Management

Business Software for operating a road haulage or field service business in Australia does not need to be complicated and can be covered by a single easy to use application to cover all aspects from quoting, booking, allocation, mobile fulfilment and live status updates to closing and invoicing to Xero. The same application can also look after driving time compliance and prestart checks. 

The application uses the latest technology, is fully web-based (so there is nothing to install), yet works offline (for when drivers are out of coverage). It has been developed for Geobox by our developer and Master Builder George, hence its name. The software can be adapted quickly to any business. Available as a Cloud or Self Hosted solution, integrates fully with TomTom Webfleet and Geobox Telematics.

Ideal For:
Smaller trucking and Field service fleets, particularly those with special business requirements such as Tow Trucks, Heavy Plant Haulage, Funerals, Horticulture because the software is so cost effective to customise

StaySafe – Lone Worker Safety App

StaySafe is an innovative and award-winning smartphone app and cloud-based monitoring solution which provides personal protection for lone workers anywhere in the world. It has and to use app tracks location in real-time enabling employees to check-in safely and request immediate assistance in an emergency.

Ideal For:
Mobile Work Crews, Ambulance Crews, Mobile Health Workers 

GeoPal – Field Service Management

Cloud Office and Mobile Business Software for managing jobs and mobile workers. Suitable for a diverse range of business types including:

– Utilities
– Industrial Support
– Facilities Management
– Field Service
– Civil
– Transport
– Home Healthcare
– Public Sector

Key strengths are GANNT Planning, Route Optimisation, ePOD, Timesheets, Integration with TomTom and IOT sensors. Available on Android and IOS 

Ideal For:
Small to Medium sized Field Service and Facilities Management Fleets 

Allotrac – Transport Management

Cloud based Transport Management system for small to medium sized Transport companies. Modules covering all aspects of running a transport business, from order to invoice, prestarts, tracking, compliance, documentation and fatigue management.
The package is developed in Australia and integrates well with TomTom and all major accounts and ERP packages
Ideal For:

Bulk Haulage and Building Supply Fleets

First Priority – Safety Management

Enterprise-Grade Incident and Risk Management system for very large businesses. Geobox can offer contract system administration, workflow configuration and Report development services to corporations already using this software.
Ideal for:
Oil and Gas, Resources, Food, Government Departments.