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Welcome to Geobox

Geobox specialises in improving the operational efficiency and safety of businesses with a mobile workforce and assets. We do this through the application of Cloud based technology, offering best of breed solutions for Job Booking, Job Dispatch, Job Navigation, GPS Tracking, Optimisation, Mobile Forms, Job Safety and Compliance. All integrated with your back office accounting systems.

Popular Products

Geobox GPS Tracking and Mobile Video Solutions

We offer the award winning TomTom Telematics suite of products, complemented by our own range of GPS Tracking and Asset Tracking products enabling us to meet nearly all business requirements.

We are also distributors for several brands of commercial grade Dashcams, and Mobile DVR systems. With solutions for Luxury Cars, Light Commercial Vehciles and Heavy Vehicles

Our Partners

What we do

We help smart business owners take advantage of cost cutting, easy to use GPS tracking and mobile video technology.

We specialise in evaluating and distributing the best telematics, mobile video and app technology from around the world. All our solutions are market leaders in their home markets, including our own locally developed technology.

We mostly work through local resellers, but we also work directly with business owners, fleet and transport managers to deliver tailored solutions that are:

  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to use
  • High Quality
  • Low Maintenance
  • Scalable
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Backed by a good warranty and support

Often it can be difficult to know exactly what requirements are important and what will work well in your business until your people have some practical experience with the new technology. So we are willing to mitigate your risk by offering free trials, enabling you to try before you buy.

We have a diverse and growing installed base Australia wide, including major trucking companies, councils, field service, people transport, mining and oil and gas.


Through our online store we now also offer items for direct purchase to the general public, notably our high end dashcams for cars and motorbikes, and the emerging field of IOT.



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The Geobox system is brilliant. It looks after our three main assets really well – 1) Our Customers, by ensuring we can get on site on time with access to all the information we need 2) Our Workers, by ensuring they can find the job, are safe on the road and we know where they are if they need assistance 3) Our Vehicles, by ensuring the vehicles are driven safely and efficiently, are maintained on schedule and we capture video evidence if something happens.
George , Cottage Engineering & Surveys

Great product,  great service.

Mark , Integrated Industrial

A great tool for reporting of the video footage. easy to use and easy to download…

Jade , City of Busselton

10/10 great service

Bruce , Liberty Oil